Tents – Frame

Frame Tent 

A frame tent is a self supported structure. It is constructed of a metal frame that has no center poles, and the canvas is attached to the frame.

This tent can be staked or held down by weights ( water barrels).

These tents also come in a variety of sizes, colors, valance styles, and sidewall styles.

Frame tents are much more versatile than a pole tent.


Tent/Frame Options

9X10 Marquis Expandable in 10′ sections

9X20 Marquis Expandable in 10′ sections

9X30 Marquis Expandable in 10′ sections

9X40 Marquis Expandable in 10′ sections

9X50 Marquis Expandable in 10′ sections

9X100 Marquis Expandable in 10′ sections

9X150 Marquis Expandable in 10′ sections

10X10 Econ – Blue & White

10X10 Econ – Red & White

10X10 High Peak – White

10X30 High Peak – White

12X12 Academy – White

16X16 White

20X20 Red & White

20 X 20 High Peak – White

20X30 Red & White

20X40 Blue & White

20X40 Red & White

20X40 Yellow & White

20X40 White

20X50 Red & White

20X50 White

20X60 Red & White

20X75 White

30X15 Band Shell – Future Light White

30X30 Band Shell – Future Light White

30X30 Future Light – White

30X30 White

30X40 White

30X45 Future Light – White

30X45 White

30X50 White

30X60 Future Light – White

30X70 White

30X75 White

30X90 White

40X40 up to a 40X240


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